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The BİLGİ / Viadrina Double Degree Program


The BİLGİ / Viadrina Double Degree in European Studies is a joint program between Istanbul Bilgi University and European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) (Germany). Selected students enrolled in the BİLGİ MA in European Studies Program will be given an opportunity to pursue the double degree track. The students will be selected at the end of the first semester based on their academic files as well as an interview that will be conducted with the Viadrina University.

Since 2007 the double degree program has given students the possibility to deepen their knowledge on the South-Eastern dimensions of Europe, especially Turkey, within a distinctive focus on EU-Turkey relations. The selected students spend two semesters at the partner university (their third and fourth semester) and are closely connected to the European Studies departments at the partner university. The Master thesis will be written under co-supervision, with one supervisor from Viadrina and one from BİLGİ. Having fulfilled these joint requirements, students will be awarded a “Master of Arts in European Studies” from both universities.

İstanbul Bilgi University and European University Viadrina share locations at the borders of two areas of different cultural influence: Istanbul between Europe and Asia, and Frankfurt (Oder) between what is perceived as former Eastern and Western Europe. In these demanding environments, both universities play special roles in building bridges of understanding and reconnaissance between the different nations and regions. The cities of İstanbul and Berlin (which is about one hour from Frankfurt Oder) play an important role as dynamic centres of the two countries. Istanbul is the capital of commercial, cultural and artistic life in Turkey. Similarly, Berlin offers a great variety of activities in culture and politics as well.

DAAD Funding

Currently, the program receives DAAD-funding (funding after August 2019 is contingent on the prolongation of the funding by the DAAD). Selected German and Turkish students will have the opportunity to receive partial scholarship from DAAD for the period of their stay at the partner university.

European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder)

With 30% of foreign students from over 70 countries and an extensive network of partner universities European University Viadrina is one of the most international universities worldwide. The study courses and university degrees are internationally acknowledged. Its atmosphere is personal and warm, and with excellent student support and guidance European University Viadrina is able to offer outstanding study conditions. Viadrina is located at the German-Polish border, only one hour by train from Germany's capital, Berlin.
The University’s proximity to Poland and to Eastern Europe is clearly a distinctive feature of the degree program. Students are able to both learn about the expansion of Europe to the east whilst actively experiencing life on both sides of the German-Polish border. In addition, extensive supervision is offered, small seminar groups and outstanding technical facilities too. Should Frankfurt be too small, then there is always Berlin only an hour away by train.

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