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Transformation of migration and asylum policies in Turkey. The Europeanisation Of Turkish Public Policies

A Scorecard, edited by A. Güney and A. Tekin, 94-115.


This chapter describes the origins and development of the Europeanization process of Turkey's migration and asylum policy. It deals with the special attention to the dynamics of the Europeanization process of migration and integration policies as well as to the fact that Turkey is now becoming a country of immigration. The chapter claims Turkish migration and asylum laws in Turkey correspond to the last "degree of domestic change" pointed out by Borzel and Risse: absorption, accommodation and transformation. It demonstrates Turkey's new Law is the first law regulating practices of regular and irregular migration in Turkey since the ratification of the 1951 Refugee Convention by the Turkish State. The new Law on Foreigners and International Protection is probably a very good example of the Europeanization process, which was initiated and implemented by the state actors in consultation with relevant civil society actors, academics, migrants and international organizations.