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Turkish Origin Migrants and Their Descendants:

Hyphenated Identities in Transnational Space
(2019) Palgrave: London.


This chapter focuses on those other constraints that shape the social ecosophy of Turkish-origin migrants and their descendants, but which originate from the home-state politics vis-à-vis Turkish emigrants from a historical perspective. This chapter problematizes the ways in which the Turkish state has hitherto framed Turkish emigrants, with a strong tendency to financially, economically, politically and religiously instrumentalize them in the interests of leading political elites at home. Based on archival research, this chapter highlights recent debates between the Turkish government and several European governments with respect to the politics of transnational space, which are expected to make it possible for homeland leaders to conduct political rallies among Turkey’s diaspora at the risk of creating further obstacles for Euro-Turks in everyday life and risking the accession negotiations with the EU. This chapter also elaborates on the ways in which the Justice and Development Part rule has invested in the lobbying activities of Sunni Muslim-Turkish associations acting as a liaison between Euro-Turks and the Turkish state.



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