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Dr. Melek Akça

Dr. Melek Akça

My master study at the European Studies Master Program has totally changed my life, in private and professional terms, and provided me a completely new rotation.

It gave me the opportunity to learn European Union from economic, ideological, philosophical, juristical and especially political point of views. The lecturers were all experts in their own field. The classes were ambitious, tough but at the same time very enjoyable as we had mostly interactive sessions with discussions. Not only during the lessons, but also in general I always had the possibility to reach the lecturers to exchange our ideas The Master Program opened the doors for me to go Germany, where I did my double degree master and afterwards my PhD. Now I’ve been living in Germany for 10 years and working in Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization. I am so glad and thankful being once a student of this master program.

Research Associate
Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI,
Karlsruhe, Germany