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 Nana Varshanidze

Nana Varshanidze

My experience in Bilgi Istanbul University and Istanbul in general has been one of the most transformative and unique ones so far.

Especially for a foreign student, the environment has been most welcoming and tempting.  I have learned and discovered so many new things, it has broadened my horizon. Having also participated in my cultural enrichment, it has granted me a quality to easily communicate with people form diverse backgrounds, which is a crucial aspect in today’s globalizing business environment. As a master’s student I have also been blessed with the opportunities the university has to offer, especially, the facilities it provides during research and guidance of dedicated professors with high academic qualifications. I believe that, with the university’s innovative methodology, forward-looking vision and facilities it has all the necessary elements that modern education has to offer today.

MA in European Studies Graduate Currently Contracts Chief at TAV Urban Georgia LLC – Tbilisi International Airport